Koon: Was a Surrender. REF # 003F
2 Year old Siberian husky and German Shepard Mix.
Awesome with kids. Needs lots of room and a lot of attention.
Koon knows some commands. Come, Stay, No, Sit, Paw and many more. Koon dose well around cats and other puppies. He loves to play with other dogs. No aggression sighted and passed all his check, We really want Koon to go to a police officer. His skills he has show are remarkable. Adoption Fee: $75.00

Phebie: Was A Stray. REF# 002F
Collie and Pitbull mix, More Collie.
We received a call about a wondering dog. And well when we showed up. This beautiful girl came to us. She is about 2 Years old. No Health conditions. Clean bill of health. She is absolutely wonderful with children. Ages have ranged from 6 to 13. No apparent signs of abuse. She likes some dogs and other she don't. About the most you will get though is allot of mouth and no bite. Cats are a friend to her though. "Can't figure it out". About the only down fall is she is a Houdini when it comes to her collar. And loves to roam if has the chance.
Adoption Fee: $65.00
Convict Fish: Fry. REF# 001N
Albino and Strip.
I have about 20 2" convicts. Color rang from albino to strip.
Then I have 6" Breeding Pare. Albino Female and Stripped Male
Adoption Fee: Fry/Babys $2.50
Breeding Pair: $25.00
All adoptions must go threw a adoption process. Adoption Application must be submitted. It takes 24 to 48 hours to review and make a decision. Once the decision is made you will be contacted and asked to come meet the animal. Once our staff and you are still comfortable with the adoption, the adoption fee will be paid in full and documents signed. And the forever bond begins.
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